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Interrogation of Children and Minors

Comfortable communication

When interrogating children and minors, the main thing is to provide them with a comfortable environment without distractions such as extraneous sounds or people passing by and also exclude direct communication with suspects through the use of video conferencing systems, etc.

–°hildren and minors should be placed in a separate special room equipped with upholstered furniture and entertainment means.
There is a psychologist in this room who talks to a child and is in touch with the investigator, who is in the observation room or in another interrogation room.
If it is necessary to hide the person identity, then the special measures should taken to protect him/her.

The typical child interrogation room configuration includes: one or two high-definition cameras, one or two microphones, a recording PC with the timestamped annotating functions and the necessary wired/wireless communications.

Interrogation audio-video recording systems
Interrogation with identity concealment
Remote interrogation using video conferencing systems
Equipment and accessories