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SRS Anonymity System

SRS Anonymity System is used within the witness protection program, as it implies modification of witness’s voice and image so ensures security of victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal proceeding

SRS Anonymity System is a complete solution and includes the voice modification device, the video modification device, the video conferencing system client (terminal) and can be stationary or portable

SRS Anonymity System can be integrated with the SRS Femida court recording system (recording station), while the corresponding components installed in the courtroom are shared – a microphone system, a video system, a sound system and a display system

During the court proceeding the protected witness is in a separate room – “secret room”, which may be either in the court building or outside it

The changed voice and video are transmitted to the courtroom, and sound and video from microphones and cameras are transmitted from the courtroom through video conferencing via a local network or the Internet

The audio and video are transmitted without significant delay and quality loss

The system architecture is shown in the following figure

Connection scheme

Audio-video link options:
● Software video conferencing system (via corporate network or Internet)
● Hardware video conferencing system (via corporate network or Internet)
● Direct wired connections