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SRS True Records Collaborative Transcribing System

Leverage advantages of solid backend infrastructure and web-based user interface for successful team transcribing

Our company has developed a sophisticated software – SRS True Records for professional transcribing services or transcribing bureau with multiple transcribers/transcriptionists to deliver accurate and affordable transcripts in a faster way.

SRS True Records ensures high recording reliability, accelerated transcribing and advanced document preparation to increase work efficiency and optimize document workflow in a timely and cost-effective manner.

SRS True Records is a comfortable collaborative tool to streamline transcribing, reviewing, proofreading and final checking.

System Functionality

  • Web-based software operation in a web browser, no add-ons required.
  • Remote operation in the system without the presence in the meeting room or transcribing room.
  • Simultaneous recording, annotating and transcribing of sessions/meetings/events.
  • Automation of annotating/transcribing due to use of auto-fill document templates and auto-prompts.
  • Public and private annotations.
  • Real-time transcribing during the recording or upon the recording completion.
  • Automatic delivery of draft transcript by means of automatic speech recognition.
  • Import of records from external recording systems.
  • Simultaneous work with audio-video recording and transcript by several users (transcribers, editor/corrector, proofreader, administrator).
  • Simultaneous transcribing of multiple records (both pre-recorded and online).
  • Selectable automatic load balancing policies and distribution of transcription fragments between transcribers.
  • Task and transcribers teams management.
  • Robust transcribers teams composition change and fragments redistribution at task fulfillment.
  • Automatic spell checking.
  • Automatic version log of document changes by users.
  • Manual or automatic distribution of audio fragments for transcribing between transcribers.
  • Management of tasks and teams of transcribers. Ability to change team members between tasks.
  • Monitoring and display of activity status of transcribers, task progress, readiness of audio fragments and tasks.
  • Formation of statistical reports on work of transcribers.
  • Online chat at collaboration on document.
  • Records search by various parameters.
  • Centralized storage of audio-video records and documents.
  • Access sharing based on teams and user roles.
  • High recording reliability due to special architecture.