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SRS True Records Courtroom Recording, Annotation and Transcribing System

Comprehensive web-based solution for onsite and remote court recording

SRS True Records is a new cross-platform web-based court recording, annotation and records management system with distributed transcribing functions.

Distinctive Features

  • Scalable system – from one courtroom to a court/region/country
  • Cross-platform web-based user interface
  • Remote access to all system functions via web UI
  • Simultaneous multi-user collaboration with electronic documents
  • Integrated user messaging and communication means
  • Automated minutes preparation with templates and autotext
  • Multilevel approach to recording reliability
  • Unlimited dynamically expandable storage


  • Recordings storing, archiving and relocation policies
  • Various recording sources
  • Modular architecture
  • System flexibility and scalability
  • Role/group based data access control
  • Cross-platform application
  • Cutting-edge coding algorithms
  • Digital audio/video recording
  • Document history tracking
  • Integration with case management systems through  protected API
  • Distributed storage system
  • Online streaming and network technologies

Main Features

  • Simultaneous digital multi-channel audio recording
  • High-resolution video recording
  • Direct recording from IP cameras with connected microphones
  • Annotating
  • Simultaneous work with documents by multiple users
  • Online chat on collaboration on documents
  • Centralized storage of audio/video recordings and minutes of proceedings
  • Flexible role/group access control system
  • Recording management, minutes/court report editing and audio-video recordings playback via the WEB interface from any workplace during a court proceeding or after its end
  • Local and centralized management of recordings in courtrooms
  • Creation of minutes of proceedings on the basis of unified templates
  • Public and private comments and notes
  • Online web editor of minutes of proceedings
  • Web-browser based playback of multichannel online streaming audio
  • Typing automation due to using tooltips and pop-up abbreviations
  • Public and private note-taking on events in minutes of proceedings
  • Incorporation of electronic documents to minutes of proceedings and import of third-party records
  • Court proceedings scheduling
  • Search for court proceedings by various parameters
  • Saving of audio-video records and minutes to CD/DVD with division into several discs
  • Simultaneous recording of copies of court proceeding to several discs
  • High recording reliability
  • Single-container file format for audio and video with unified common encoding format set up in encoding and maintained during the whole recording life cycle
  • Micro-service architecture for custom deployment

Technical Specifications



Number of audio recording channels

1÷6 audio channels

Number of video recording channels

1 video channel

Multichannel audio and video synchronization


Audio compression algorithm

·       AAC

Sampling rate

·       16 kHz

·       32 kHz

·       48 kHz

Bit depth

·       16 bits

Recording stream volume

·       From 559 MB per 1 hour

Video compression algorithm

·       H.264

Supported formats for import of audio-video recordings

·       WAV, MP3, MP4, AVI formats including multi-channel audio files

Supported formats for export of audio-video recordings

·       WAV, MP3, MP4

Automatic splitting of records

·       Customizable duration

·       Default duration of records fragment – 60 minutes

Video resolution

·       Minimum from 640×480

·       Maximum up to 1920×1080

Frame rate

·       From  10 fps to 30 fps

Video encoding bit rate

·       From 512 Kbit/s

Direct monitoring

·       Direct monitoring of quality of audio signals during recording

·       Sound level indicators display for each channel

·       Direct video signal control during recording by viewing the video source

Recording management

·       Automatic recording start/stop in one or multiple courtrooms by schedule

·       Manual recording start/stop in one or multiple courtrooms

·       Control of auto-filling of court session details (attributes)

·       Recording sources management

Playback tools

·       Simultaneous playback of 1-6 audio channels and/or 1 video channel

·       Selection of any combination of audio channels for simultaneous playback

·       Channel playback isolation and independent channel volume controls

·       Graphical representation of sound signal on timeline

·       Timeline navigation for search and selection of the required play time for playback

·       Highlighting of actions being played back

Audio/video playback speed changing

From 0.5 to 2 times

Text typing automation

·       Creation of document templates of minutes of proceeding for different types of court cases with main procedural events and court participants

·       Creation of list of text snippets

·       Display of hints at text typing of events, court participants, text snippets and their insertion into minutes’ text

·       Letter-abbreviations for most commonly used text snippets from legislation, laws etc. replacing manual typing

Records management

·       Search of court records by the next filters:

–          Date/time of court session;

–          Name/number of case;

–          Court participants;

–          Words of minutes of proceedings;

–          User/user groups

·       Scheduling of court sessions

User management

·       Users control

·       Roles control

·       Groups control

Storages for records

·       Multiple volume server storage;

·       Backup storage on the recording PC;

·       Optical discs (CD/DVD)

Number of simultaneously burnt CD/DVD

·       Up to 3 copies

Attachment of electronic documents associated to case records on CD/DVD

·       Available

Operation monitoring

·       Users actions

·       Manipulations with minutes of proceedings

·       Automatic system operations

Visible and audible alarm notifications

·       Recording status

·       Recording errors

·       Critical free space on disc

Client supported operating systems

·       Microsoft Windows/Linux/Mac IOS/Android family

Integration with court document/case management systems

·       Available through web-services

Integration with speech recognition services

·       Available