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Interrogation and Interviewing

and optimizing
human resources

Leave a pen and writing-pad so you can pay your full attention
to the interview and a person in front of you!

Streamline the interrogation process focusing on the interrogation instead of making hand-written notes.

The main things when carrying out an interrogation are to ensure its reliable recording, safety of the recorded information and its transfer to the participants in the investigation, as well as ensuring simple recording management.

To equip an interview office or room, it is necessary to use professional solutions with adapted anti-vandal equipment and user-friendly software.

The main criteria for the hardware and software solution for the interrogation room:
● Compliance with the interrogation procedure with complete annotating and observance of legal rights
of interrogation participants
● Mandatory recording of interrogation
● Using the most advanced technologies and recording formats
● Records management with data protection, cataloging, distribution, ensuring compatibility
● Room control with simple and convenient means of recording start/stop and status indication
● Security of interrogation participants with video monitoring by security personnel
● Room arrangement with acoustic preparation, anti-vandal preparation, proper lighting
● Correct equipment placement – cameras, microphones, control and display devices, cable routes

Court recording systems are suitable for interview recording, since they have all the necessary functionality in terms of recording and annotating.

Depending on who is being interrogated and room layout, the equipment configuration of the interrogation rooms can differ:

Interrogation of Suspects

Interrogation of Victims and Witnesses

Interrogation of Children and Minors

Interrogation audio-video recording systems
Remote interrogation using video conferencing systems
Equipment and accessories