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Voice changing device

SRS Voice Changer is a specialized device designed for the purpose of making the protected witness unrecognizable by the voice

Available models:
SRS VC12 desktop model (built-in microphone, automatic modes of voice transformation)
SRS VC13 rack model (with external microphone, automatic and manual modes of voice transformation)

These voice changing devices are designed to change the voice in order to exclude the possibility of identifying the speaker. The device can be used for both male and female voices

The devices are used to ensure the unrecognizability of the protected person (witness, victim, etc.) at questioning (interrogation) during the court proceeding or pre-trial investigation
Easy integration with recording and video conferencing systems (both hardware and software) allows for remote interrogation
Currently, thousands of voice-changing devices are successfully used in the courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.

● Real time voice transformation with no hearable sound delay
● Stand-alone full-featured DSP-based (digital signal processor)
● Good speech intelligibility, no sound delay, no special additional interference.
● The automatic modes of voice modification “Low timbre” / “High timbre”, applicable to both male and female voices
● Switchable “Monotone” effect, which eliminates the intonation coloring of the voice (individual voice and gender signs) and all changed voices sound with almost the same timbre
● The inability to restore the original voice using a similar device, other technical means or using sound editors like Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, etc.
● The exclusion of the possibility of broadcasting an unchanged voice, either accidentally or intentionally in the automatic modes
● Automatic gain control, limiter and noise gate features for audio inputs
● Volume adjustment for headphones output
● Built-in microphone preamplifier with phantom power source
● Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs/outputs
● Input level peak indicator (SRS VC13)
● Manual level adjustment for analog inputs (SRS VC13)
● Separate adjustment of formant shift and main tone shift for manual mode (SRS VC13)