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Court Recording

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Court recording systems ensure the transparency of court proceedings through digital audio/video recording, as well as automation of the preparation of the text of the court hearing directly during its conduct

Records management systems provide reliable multilevel storage with strict security, scheduling, search, playback and request of court sessions for court staff and court hearing participants as well as Integration with judicial document management system

Transcription capability enables quick preparation of transcripts simultaneously by several operators during the recording or after the session recording is complete based on predefined rules and priorities

Over the years, we have developed several systems that differ in functionality and architecture.

Three  Generations of Recording Systems

SRS Femida Court Recording Software
A standalone application with recording and annotation functions (recording station)
Formalized minutes editor
Local management of records and minutes

SRS Femida RMS Records Management System
An integrated information system with centralized management and data storage from SRS Femida recording stations and using them for minutes editing
Viewing of minutes in a SRS Femida desktop client or via web interface

SRS True Records Court Recording and Transcribing System
An online information system with centralized recording, management and data storage from recording stations
Sharing data of several users
Taking, editing and viewing of minutes via the web interface with full-featured text editor