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Video distortion device

SRS Video Distortion device is a specialized device designed for the purpose of making the protected witness unrecognizable by his image

Model: SRS VD02 rack model (the camera and all the necessary interface cables are included)

This video distortion device is intended for changing (distorting) the image of a protected witness or victim in order to ensure his unrecognizability

The device is used to ensure the unrecognizability of the protected person (witness, victim, etc.) at questioning (interrogation) during the court proceeding or pre-trial investigation using video display system or video conferencing
Easy integration with recording and video conferencing systems (both hardware and software) allows for remote interrogation
The device connects to a computer via the USB interface to transfer the changed video image through various video conferencing software systems or through VGA/HDMI interfaces to work with video display systems or video conferencing hardware terminals
Currently, dozens of video distortion devices are successfully used in the courts of the Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.

● Real time operating on the basis of a digital signal processor (DSP)
● Providing various modes of the mosaic and shape video effect
    • Mosaic with a color image
    • Mosaic with black and white image (image in grayscale)
    • Silhouette
● Customize mosaic sizes for each mode
● Exclusion of the possibility of broadcasting undistorted video