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Local Interrogation in One Room

Single camera solution
Uses one IP camera with a wide-angle lens
An omnidirectional microphone is connected to the camera, which is mounted on a table, on the ceiling or on a wall next to the table
Audio-video streams are recorded directly on the recording server, which is installed in a separate room and provided with uninterrupted power supply

Multi-camera solution
Two high-definition digital HD-SDI cameras are used, which installed in certain places in the interrogation room – one camera focuses on the person being interrogated, while another camera covers the entire area of the interrogation room, capturing everyone present during the interrogation
Cameras are connected through a multiviewer to an IP encoder, which can be a hardware unit or a recording station with special software
The multiviewer generates a single image (possible modes: PIP, Dual PIP, Quad, 1+3)
Also, one or more microphones are installed on a table or mounted on a wall or ceiling and connected to the IP encoder
In addition, an IP camera can be located in the interrogation room, which is used in the CCTV video surveillance system for supervision and control, along with independent recording

During the recording of an interrogation, a logging program may be running on the computer
In the log editor, an electronic interrogation protocol can be kept or important moments of the interrogation process can be noted (labels can be put down) for subsequent quick navigation through the phonogram while listening to it