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Local Interrogation in Two Rooms

In a two-room configuration, observers are located in the second room: experts, investigators, etc., – they can see, hear and can analyze the course of the interrogation
If necessary, observers can give advice and recommendations to the investigator during the interrogation using a wireless audio channel – there is a transmitter with a microphone in the second room, and a receiver with a headset in the interrogation room

An additional sound system is installed in the second room in order to listen to what is happening in the interrogation room

The images from the cameras from the interrogation room are displayed on the monitor using a decoder, which is configured for an IP stream(s) from an IP camera(s) or an IP encoder from the interrogation room
The same image with sound can be output to the corridor for observation and/or to the head of the department for control

There may be a window between the rooms with one-way mirror installed to observe what is happening in the interrogation room